Winter Accommodations & Catering available from mid-February to April 1, 2021

Summer Rates

Fine Print: At this time, we rent the whole Lodge to groups who DO NOT need to physically distance.  The shared kitchen is also used during the day (10 am to 4 pm) by the Teahouse custodian, and by staff for morning and evening meals.
Lodge Check-in is 4:30 PM; Check-out is 10:00 AM (to allow for extra cleaning & sanitizing as per Covid-19 protocols). The Lodge must be vacated from 10 to 4:30 every day.

 DISCOUNTS & DEALS (note Tax is not included in prices; 13% for accommodation and 5% for catering)

  • Early Bird Bookings: Bookings with deposits paid before April 1, 2021 are eligible for a 5% discount. This includes catering.
  • Multi-night Full Lodge Bookings: Groups that book the full lodge for more than 1 night (consecutive) qualify for a 10% discount on accommodation.
  • Last Minute Bookings (less than 7 days before arrival): Groups of 2 or more people are invited to book the whole hut at regular rates of $75/person + tax (so $150 + tax minimum nightly cost, for accommodation only). Catering may also be available with enough notice. Check the booking calendar and then send us an email.


Accommodation Only

You do your own breakfast, packed lunch, snacks, dinner, and we provide only water, propane and shared kitchen access. Please remember that there is no lodge access from 10:00 to 4:30 due to Covid-19 protocols. (For 2021:  1-4 people $350; 5-8 at $75/person plus tax)

min $350 / night +tax
max $600* / night + tax

Last Minute Bookings

(Less than 7 days prior to arrival) Groups of 2 or more people are invited to book the whole hut at regular rates of $75/person + tax.  ($150 + tax minimum nightly cost for accommodation only).        

min $150 / night
max $600* / night

Please NOTE: 10% off for full lodge multi-night bookings = $540 / night + tax



Want to provide for yourself, yet still have the feeling of relaxing at the end of the day? Let us provide your appetizer & dinner, while your group takes care of your breakfast, lunch, and daily snacks.


accommodation plus $50 / person / night


Last Minute Bookings

(Less than 7 days prior to arrival.) Check with us for catering. We are often able to provide you with half catering – appetizer and dinner, so please let us know if you are interested.


accommodation plus $50 / person / night



You enjoy your time around the lodge, we take care of everything! Groups can rent the whole lodge with the resident chef in tow. Perfect for families, small weddings, birthdays, work gatherings, etc. Flexible, healthy and hearty customer oriented meals.   (Breakfast, lunch, appetizers, full dinner)                            

accommodation plus $100 / person / night


Last Minute Bookings

(Less than 7 days prior to arrival) Check with us for catering. Full catering, including hearty breakfast, packed lunch/snacks for hiking, appetizers and full dinner, may be available with sufficient notice.                          

accommodation plus $100 / person / night


Mouse over specific date for details of available vacancies.       NOTE: This Calendar is not always up to date. Please send an email with enquiries to 
Orange squares
show nights of Lodge bookings.
Light grey squares (no colour) indicate the Lodge is completely available /open for your Lodge booking.

September 2021

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Private booking, 1/2 and self catered
  • Private booking, 1/2 and self catered
  • Private booking - 1/2 catered
  • Private booking - 1/2 catered
  • Private booking, self catered
  • Private booking, self catered
  • Private booking, 1/2 catered
  • Private booking, fully catered
  • Private booking, fully catered
  • Private booking - self catered
  • Private booking - 1/2 catered
  • Private booking - 1/2 catered
  • Private booking - fully catered
  • Private booking - fully catered
  • Private booking - self catered
  • Private booking - self catered
  • Private booking, self catered
  • Private booking, self catered
  • Private booking, self catered
  • Private booking, self catered
  • Private booking - self catered
  • Private booking - self catered
  • Private booking, fully catered
  • Private booking, fully catered
  • Teahouse only


An Explanation of Our Normal (pre-COVID-19) Deposit and Refund Policy

Our policies may seem onerous but we operate in a very different environment than most accommodations. The majority of our bookings come months ahead of the actual booking dates and we find that our clients frequently are very restricted in the dates that they can go. So once a date is reserved, the likelihood of booking that date with another party is greatly reduced, hence the ‘no refunds of deposit’ policy. Sometimes we are able to offer last minute bookings at reduced rates if someone cancels, thus the sliding refund rates on the non-deposit portion.

We share the risk of a cancellation due to reasons beyond anyone’s control (eg. fire, area closure, etc) with clients by offering to rebook at a later date in those situations.

Please note that in order to operate we have to make substantial investments in supplies, equipment, maintenance, insurance, fees, lease costs, etc well ahead of the season. These costs cannot be recovered in the case of cancellations.


50% deposit due at time of trip reservation. Remaining balance due 2 months prior to trip departure date. Deposit is non-refundable.

We accept cash, cheque, money order, and Interac e-transfer. Exact change preferred, as we cannot guarantee the amount of change we will have available, due to our location.

Cancellation 1+ month prior to departure date results in 50% refund of non-deposit portion.

Cancellation 14 days-1 month prior to departure date results in 25% refund of non-deposit portion.

Cancellation less than 14 days prior to trip departure results in no refund.

If a trip is cancelled due to situations beyond anyone’s control (fire, area closure, etc.), we will offer the opportunity to reschedule the trip for another time or the next season at no charge.

We will be carefully watching the COVID-19 situation and updating our cancellation policies next spring prior to our summer season. 

We do accept walk-ins, but cannot guarantee space if no contact is made beforehand. To avoid being disappointed, please email first! Payment must be made in full before you stay. 

We recommend purchasing travel insurance if you are travelling a long distance to visit us. We accept no responsibility for missed flights or delays due to road conditions, weather, fire, illness, emergencies, or other acts of God. The Backcountry Lodges of British Columbia  Association has a link to one insurance company, Lifestyle Financial, which offers no obligation quotes. : Backcountry Lodges of British Columbia – Get a Quote.

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