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The Team

Mike Bourns

Owner/ Operator

Mike brings years of experience in mountain logistics to the team. He is a skier, hiker, builder, cook and all round handy kind of guy.

Pat Comer

Owner/ Operator

Pat loves the outdoors, and fell in love with Diana Lake when she first skied in with Mike 35+ years ago.  She is the details person on the team

Amanda Orlowski

Caretaker & Host

Amanda is a varied background in horse training, performing, and hospitality. She’s been in love with the mountains for years, and is the main person for day-to-day operations at the lodge.

Jesse Bourns

Advisor & Support

Jesse basically grew up outside, and runs an organic farm in Eastern Canada, in between his trips back to the mountains. He helps run tech and business stuff from afar.

Dustin Bourns

In memoriam

Dustin passed away in May 2019. Diana Lake Lodge was his vision, and we’re still committed to keeping it the same place Dustin imagined – as a unique place set to experience the backcountry.


Addison's Bungalows was formerly located at the Radium Hot Springs, but has since moved to Brisco, BC, about 15 minutes drive north of Radium. With 8 cabins to choose from with a variety of capacities, it's easy to choose to make Addison's the home base for your Rocky Mountain adventures.

Your supernatural Canadian backcountry adventure begins here. The Backcountry Lodges of British Columbia offer incredible multi-season opportunities to explore some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, from the comfort and safety of cozy mountain lodges. When a guest stays with one of our members in BC’s backcountry, they will be immersed in the wild natural cosiness of lodge life. Think creature comforts amidst a welcome environment for every level of adventurer with the assurance that they can easily explore the remote wilderness only found in BC’s backcountry. We offer experiences like no other, boasting 360° of paradise to unplug and rejuvenate within.

Visit Beeland Market + Bistro for fresh seasonal honeys, preserves, gourmet foods, and beauty products - all made with the goodness of pure Rocky Mountain Honey. Fine imported and local foods, coffee bar, bistro, and fine art, located in Spillimacheen, BC. We visit Beeland at least 3 times a week for their wonderful food and espresso coffee bar.


Is the lodge in the park?

No, the lodge is not in the National Park. 

How equipped is the kitchen?

The lodge kitchen is fully equipped with a propane fridge and freezer, a large gas range with griddle and oven, and all the pots/pans/dishes you can ask for. We have a hand blender and a food processor as well.

Does the lodge have electricity?

The lodge has electrical power provided by a PV system. This runs the lodge lights and communication systems.

Does the lodge have running water?

The lodge does have running cold water in summer, and we also have a hot outdoor shower. We will be adding an enclosed sauna and shower building in the coming years. In winter, water is obtained by snow melt or from the lake/creek.

What do I need to bring?

I forgot my wallet!

That’s okay, it happens! We run by the honour system up here, so if you give us your word that you will pay us when you get home, we give you our word we will provide an experience you will thoroughly enjoy.

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