About us

The team

With a deep love for nature and a passion for hospitality, our team ensures that your stay is filled with adventure, relaxation, and the unique charm of mountain life.

Mike Bourns

Owner / Operator

Mike brings years of experience in mountain logistics to the team. He is a skier, hiker, builder, cook and all round handy kind of guy.

Pat Comer

Owner / Operator

Pat loves the outdoors, and fell in love with Diana Lake when she first skied in with Mike 35+ years ago. She is the details person on the team.

Amanda Orlowski

Caretaker & Host

Amanda has a varied background in horse training, performing, and hospitality. She’s been in love with the mountains for years, and is the main person for day-to-day summer operations at the lodge.

Jesse Bourns

Advisor & Support

Jesse basically grew up outside, and runs an organic farm in Eastern Canada, in between his trips back to the mountains. He helps run tech and business stuff from afar.

Dustin Bourns

In memoriam

Dustin passed away in May 2019. Diana Lake Lodge was his vision, and we’re still committed to keeping it the same place Dustin imagined – as a unique place from which to experience the backcountry.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners for their unwavering support and collaboration. Your contributions are invaluable, helping us create exceptional experiences at Diana Lake Lodge.

Flying Cool People to Cool Places
Locally owned and operated, Whitetooth provides AStar helicopter charter services out of Golden, British Columbia. Safety is their number one priority, and their highly experienced pilots have decades of mountain flying experience under their belts. Diana Lake uses Whitetooth exclusively for our helicopter transfers both winter and summer.

Your supernatural Canadian backcountry adventure begins here. The Backcountry Lodges of British Columbia offer incredible multi-season opportunities to explore some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, from the comfort and safety of cozy mountain lodges. When a guest stays with one of our members in BC’s backcountry, they will be immersed in the wild natural cosiness of lodge life. Think creature comforts amidst a welcome environment for every level of adventurer with the assurance that they can easily explore the remote wilderness only found in BC’s backcountry. We offer experiences like no other, boasting 360° of paradise to unplug and rejuvenate within.

Recreation Sites and Trails B.C. (RSTBC) provide public recreation opportunities by developing, maintaining and managing a network of recreation sites and recreation trails throughout the province.<br>We support them in their efforts to maintain the Diana Lake Recreation camping site and the Diana Lake trail.


Is the lodge in the park?

No, the lodge is not in Kootenay National Park. It is located just outside the west edge of the Park.

What is the trail Like?

The trail is moderately challenging, about 8 km one-way to the lodge.  Perfect for wandering, sauntering, hiking or trail running. Also rated for horse access, but NOT for bicycles or any other mechanized transport. 

What do I need to bring?

Don’t forget: 

  • Light sleeping bag
  • Pillowcase
  • Towel
  • Headlamp
  • Hut shoes
  • Fishing equipment & license, camera, binoculars

What are the check-in & check-out times?

The Teahouse operates from about 11 am to 4 pm. Overnight Lodge guests are welcome to check-in at 4:30 pm, while check-out is at 10 am. However we are happy to store packs and food for you during the day.

I forgot my wallet!

That’s okay, it happens! We run by the honour system up here, so if you give us your word that you will pay us when you get home, we give you our word we will provide an experience you will thoroughly enjoy.

Can I bring my dog?

Well behaved dogs are welcome, if they are on-leash in the Lodge area. We recommend you keep them on leash at all times because we do have bears here.

Overnight dogs are subject to a $20.00 pet fee, due to increased cleaning costs. See the LODGE page for additional details.

What is the weather like?

Expect mountain alpine weather when you come up to Diana Lake. Our elevation at 2163m (about 7100′) means that generally weather is cooler and the sun is more intense than in the Columbia Valley. Wear layers, and be prepared for snow in any month, so bring hats and gloves and raingear. Don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses. 

How equipped is the kitchen?

The lodge kitchen is fully equipped, including a large gas range with griddle and oven, and all the pots/pans/dishes you can ask for.  If you are self-catered, or half catered, be prepared to do all your own dishes and sterilizing according to BC Health Regulations. Hot water is available from the Sauna building., not from boiling on the stove. 

Self catered groups must bring all their own food, oils, paper products, tea towels. We provide dish soap, a scrubby, water, salt & pepper and stove/dishes. Coolers are available for your food storage.

Does the lodge have running water?

The Lodge normally has running cold water in the summer (if the snow has melted and the water system has been installed). We also have a hot outdoor shower (which feels luxurious after a day of hiking).

In winter water is obtained by snow melt, or pumped from the lake/creek.  Our enclosed sauna and shower building is open in the winter, and often during inclement weather in the summer.

Our drinking water is chlorine treated, and filtered 5 times, but we cannot 100% guarantee it. If anyone is concerned they should bring their own treatment method. It has never been an issue.

What size are the beds?

Beds have now been moved out of The Lodge and into the Bunkhouse. There are 10 beds in the Bunkhouse – in 3 bedrooms and the loft.  Each bedroom has a queen and a twin XL bed. The loft contains 2 double beds and 2  XL twins. Mattresses are vinyl covered for easy sanitization. There are also 2 single cots available if necessary.

Do I have to bring bedding?

Yes! You need to bring a light sleeping bag or sheets, AND a pillowcase.  The Bunkhouse is light and comfortable.

We are unable to provide bedding. Mattresses are provided and if you bring a pillowcase you may use one of our sleeping pillows. Don’t forget to bring your pillowcase (and a towel for the shower).

Does the lodge have electricity?

The lodge has electrical power provided by a PV system. This runs the lodge lights, power and communication systems.

Can I fish or swim in Diana Lake?

Diana Lake is very reFRESHing, especially on a hot summer day. Bring a swimsuit or be prepared to go skinny dipping. It’s all good.

Both Cutthroat and Rainbow trout live in Diana Lake. BC fishing licenses are required. We do not sell licenses. Check online before you come.  Recreation Sites and Trails BC encourages catch and release fishing.