The Lodge

Nestled in the snow filled valley of Diana Lake, you will find our cozy rustic Lodge/Teahouse, a bright and comfortable Bunkhouse, and a comfortable Sauna and Shower building. Enjoy exciting days of skiing and laughter, evenings of good food and cheer, and mornings that suit your mood. Regularly scheduled evening saunas and showers ensure a healthy ambiance. Your group will help with communal chores. A custodian is always in attendance to ensure there are no problems and catering staff are provided as necessary.

The original Diana Lake outfitter’s cabin has been renovated and now forms our Lodge/Teahouse, complete with a full kitchen, dining and evening lounging space.

The Bunkhouse

Sleeping accommodations have been moved to our new light and spacious Bunkhouse

To optimize helicopter flights and client comfort, we offer skiing for groups of 6 in the winter.  Groups of 6 are easily accommodated in the Bunkhouse (10 beds in 3 private bedrooms and a loft) with lots of space for gear and drying. The Bunkhouse also houses our night time “Powder room”, for those who prefer not to visit the outhouse at night. (Note – pee only!)  


The Sauna

The Sauna building houses our Sauna, change room and indoor bucket shower (don’t forget your towel) and custodian quarters. This is also a great space for drying clothing or equipment. With help from the guests once per trip, water is pumped to the water tank in the building. Sauna and showers are usually scheduled every second night at Diana Lake.


Your group can choose one of three different levels of winter catering. Breakfast & lunches are prepared in morning. 
The kitchen is closed after breakfast until appetizer time. Your group will also share responsibility for some kitchen/cleaning chores. 

Self Catering

We will show you how to:

  • obtain water
  • sanitize all dishes to the required BC Health standards
  • also provide dish soap, a dish scrubby, salt & pepper

Guests will:

  • do all your own cooking and cleanup/sanitization
  • bring all your own food, spices, oils, kitchen paper products.  Note: tea towels are not provided

Please include the Custodian in your dinner plans (they will provide their own lunch and breakfast). 

Half Catering

We provide:

  • a light appetizer after your active day
  • 3 course dinner (salad, entrée and dessert)
  • evening prep and cleanup 

Guests will:

  • prepare breakfast and bag lunch
  • cleanup all morning dishes & kitchen 

Full Catering

We provide:

  • delicious, nutritional, satisfying meals and snacks
  • morning beverages  & full breakfasts
  • lunch materials & goodies  (you pack)
  • a light appetizer after your active day
  • 3 course dinner  (salad, entrée and dessert)
  • complete preparation & cleanup

Note that we have limited space for food, and that all excess food and garbage must be stored and flown out.  Please size your meals appropriately and avoid meals that create excessive waste (especially bones and food waste).

Terrain & Safety

There is a wide variety of ski, snowboard and snowshoe terrain accessible from Diana Lake Lodge, suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers. Terrain can be variable and challenging depending on avalanche conditions so self guided groups need to ensure that they have the experience, equipment and training necessary to travel in avalanche terrain. If you are not comfortable with this, or would like the advantages of a guide, we can put you in contact with a suitable certified guide.

Back Country Safety Preparation

  • Please make sure that your group and leader (most experienced person) are fully prepared for the trip. 
  • Our lodge is outside the CAA avalanche forecast areas, so more than ever you will have to rely on your expertise, training and experience to evaluate avalanche conditions and to travel safely in our terrain which ranges from simple to complex.  
  • Remember that our custodian is NOT a guide, so cannot provide advice or help in decision making – they will provide whatever limited information they may have at hand but it is up to your group to decide how to use that information.
  • We are a member of the Backcountry Lodges of British Columbia Association (BLBCA). We recomend you review their essential Recommendations for Self Guided Groups.

Back Country Safety

  • All participants must have beacons, shovels, and probes and know how to use them.
  • Best practices dictate that your group should do a beacon practice at the beginning of your trip.
  • Dig snow pits as required for the terrain you will be skiing.

Safety equipment available at the lodge includes:

  • Radio/Telephone link (for emergencies only)
  • InReach
  • periodic emergency email capability (power dependent)
  • portable rescue sled
  • basecamp VHF radio (does not reach other valleys)

We recommend your group brings and carries VHF radios

Group Chores

As with most back-country operations, there are a number of communal tasks necessary to keep things running smoothly. Groups will assist with:

  • snow clearing, firewood chopping
  • collecting water/snow 
  • end of trip cleaning

Health, Medical Forms & Waivers

Health precautions include: 

  • sanitizing our facilities between groups,
  • providing hand washing and sanitizing facilities, 
  • following BC Health Standards for all cooking and dish cleaning
  • guests need to comply with any applicable provincial vaccination requirements

If any guests experience illness symptoms immediately prior to their trip they are asked not to participate in the trip to protect the remainder of the group. Refer to our refund & cancellation policy.

We will forward a medical form for each participant to fill out, please make sure everyone brings their completed copy to the staging area. 


  • We will also send a copy of the Waiver for participants to review only (do not sign)
  • We provide Official Waivers at the staging area to complete and sign in our presence

Note: A signed & witnessed Waiver is required before travel into the Lodge.


Winter access is only via Helicopter transfer.


Diana Lake Lodge and Teahouse is located just east of Brisco, BC in the Brisco range of the BC Rocky Mountains. 

Helicopter access in the winter is from our staging area just south of Parson BC.


Space is limited, remember to pack small and light:

  • Everyone should wear their beacon, ski clothing, boots, mask, and helmet for the flight
  • NO hard coolers
  • Daypack: pack as if you were skiing with skins (poles separate)
  • Compressed gas cylinders (avi airbags), separate (they go in basket outside helicopter)
  • Small soft duffels for clothes, etc
  • Sleeping bag can be separate
  • Food in small boxes or closeable bags – avoid food waste (such as meat with bones)
  • Skis and poles separate

Weather, Wildlife

Please be aware that we are in the mountains and weather is unpredictable.  We cannot be responsible for delays to flights in or out of the lodge, public road closures, etc.  

We have also made a committment to abort or alter flights if mountain goats are within the required buffer zone from the helicopter – this could affect your trip.  Guests are encouraged to procure appropriate travel insurance.

Winter Rates

Calculate your total trip cost for 6 people by adding Cabin Cost  + Catering Choice + Helicopter Cost ($3,045 per group). Helicopter transfer is the only way in and out of Diana Lake in the winter.  

3 Night Trips for 6 People (add $3,045 per group for Helicopter costs)

3 Night Cabin Cost

$600 per night  



 $2,034        (incl. 5% GST & 8% PST ) 

Self Catered

$10/night per person (x6)


$  180 for 3 nights

$189          (incl. 5%GST)    

Half Catered

$60/night per person (x6) 


$1, 080

 $1,134          (incl. 5%GST)

Fully Catered

$110/night per person (x6) =  $    660 


$1, 980

 $2,079       (incl. 5%GST)





4 Night Trips for 6 People (add $3,045 per group for Helicopter costs)

4 Night Cabin Cost

$600 per night 



 $2,712        (incl. 5% GST & 8% PST ) 

Self Catered

$10/night per person (x6)


$  240 

$252          (incl. 5%GST)    

Half Catered

$60/night per person (x6)  


$1, 440

 $1,512          (incl. 5%GST)

Fully Catered

$110/night per person (x6) 



 $2,772       (incl. 5%GST)



Calendar and Payments

Booking calendar

Next year’s winter season trip dates and availability will be updated on the Booking Calendar by May 1. 


A 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking and hold your dates.  The balance is due 2 months prior to your trip.  Payments should be made by the group leader, and can be made by e-transfer to  It is autodeposit, so a password should not be necessary.

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