Winter Season 2019-2020
Beyond Expectations

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Winter season 2019-2020 is complete, and we have had fabulous deep snow here at Diana Lake; lots of great turns, plenty of touring, and beautiful vistas. Our guests have enjoyed exploring the valley and discovering the many hidden slopes.

Our newly renovated main lodge has been a huge success, cozy and weather-proof. Everyone who has been up this year has said they want to come back next year, and we have received some fantastic feedback.  

In the words of one guest:

….I was flying back (home)… and I felt like I get it, I feel what Dustin wanted to share with others. I will always have that sunshine day with sugar dust powder and evergreen and larch guiding me down the face. A gift I will always hold dear. Thank you…. 

If you are interested in self-guided backcountry skiing next winter (2020-2021), please send an email to us at We will add you to our winter email list for 2020-2021.

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