Summer Operations 2020 in the COVID-19 Paradigm

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We were hoping that by this time we would have a much clearer picture of where things would stand in terms of operational guidelines and health orders for the summer. Unfortunately nothing is certain and the situation changes quickly.

As you can understand, the pandemic and the government response to it have had an enormous impact on our operation and have put an incredible strain on our resources. We do not fit any of the federal or provincial support programs being offered at this time.

Please note that we will be following the guidelines and requirements of BC’s public health authorities and the best practices of our industry association (Backcountry Lodges of BC Association), with extra cleaning and sanitizing of our facilities. We are committed to keeping our staff and guests safe and healthy.

We will be increasing the frequency of cleaning within the core area of Diana Lake Lodge & Teahouse this summer however visitors are still responsible for their own safety, including complying with all BC Provincial Health Officer’s orders and guidelines. 

Before Coming, Be Prepared:

  1. Before hiking, please take the BC self assessment Covid-19 test – go to, click on the Self-Assessment Tool and answer the questions. Please do not hike or come to the Lodge if you are feeling ill in any way.
  2. Please do not approach our facility or environs if you are experiencing symptoms, or have been exposed to the virus in the previous 14 days, or any of the other interaction restrictions suggested by BC Public Health.
  3. As instructed on the BC Recreation Sites & Trails website, be prepared. Bring your own ‘Clean Trip Kit’. A clean trip kit includes hand sanitizer, gloves and toilet paper. (
  4. As you know, hand sanitizer is extremely hard to come by and expensive for us to transport, so please come prepared with your own. We will provide a hand washing station near the Teahouse for all guests.

Teahouse Operations – opening end of June, 2020

Our assumption right now is that physical distancing rules will apply throughout the summer, which will have an impact on how we operate. 

  1. At the moment we assume that we will be able to operate the teahouse as a ‘Take-out’. Guests please wash hands at the hand-washing station.
  2. Teahouse guests will order at the Take-out window (our Dutch door). You will NOT be able to enter the cabin or kitchen.
  3. When your order is ready, you can pick it up at the Dutch door, and pay by cash, cheque or e-transfer when you get home.
  4. You are welcome to find somewhere outside that is physically separated from other guests to enjoy your take-out.
  5. Please note: We will be cleaning but are unable to completely sanitize wooden benches or picnic tables. Teahouse guests are welcome to use our benches, chairs, & picnic tables at your own risk.


Our accommodations are dormitory style, so at the moment we are assuming that we can only accommodate single groups of people that do not need to physically distance (families, cohorts, pods, circles, etc). Therefore, until we hear otherwise, we will only be able to accept full hut or private bookings. We can offer these bookings at $75/person but with a minimum nightly cost of $350.

Catering will be at usual rates per person.

Because of the uncertainty, we are currently accepting temporary bookings without deposits. Once we confirm our ability to offer accommodation, deposits will be immediately payable. If more than one group wants the same date, then the first group can secure the date with a deposit or give up the space to the next group (who will of course need to pay the deposit).

We are also reducing the requirement to pay the balance from 2 months ahead to 1 month ahead. Please see our explanation of our deposit and refund policy.

If the rules change in such a way that we cannot offer accommodation then we will apply any monies we hold to the next season. Guests will be responsible for any cost increases in 2021.

Since we operate a Teahouse from 11 am to 4 pm, overnight guests are welcome to enter the lodge after 4:30 PM, and check-out time is 10:30 AM so that our staff can sanitize and operate the kitchen for Teahouse guests. Multi-day guests will need to vacate the cabin from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM each day. Cabin users will also be expected to do their share in helping to keep the cabin clean and sanitized.

Be assured that we will be following the guidelines and requirements of BC’s public health authorities, and will do our best to keep our guests and staff safe and healthy.

To our guests that have already booked

  • If you are worried about coming this season:  We will credit your deposit and you can rebook for 2021 (note you will be responsible for any cost increases in next year’s fees).
  • If you have a public booking:  You can pay the difference between your current cost and the $350 minimum and have the cabin to yourselves. Or you can find other people to join with you and pay the additional fees. Or we will credit your fees until next year (you are responsible for any cost increases incurred).
  • If you have a gift certificate:  It is now valid for this season and next year, but you will be responsible for any cost increases in 2021.
  • Catering: We will sort out catering once we know more from the BC government.
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