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Pre-summer greetings from us here at Diana Lake! We are getting ready to do some renovations and repairs on our lodge, seems like when you hit 60 then things start falling apart! Our opening day is July 14, so we will be spending the last part of June and the first 2 weeks of July working away.

Volunteers can come in for all or part of the time, as even a day of work gives us a great boost.
Some things that need to be done:
Floor taken out, bottom logs examined
Logs debarked, chinked, stained inside the lodge
Post holes dug, posts installed
Floor built
Kitchen redone

As you can see, we have a fair amount of work to do, and it would be great to get some volunteers up to give us a hand! Food and bevvies (beer/wine after the heli drop) will be provided, but special personal stuff will need to be brought up by you. We will be sleeping outside in tents while we do the work, as well as cooking all meals outside, so make sure you’re prepared! We will also need some help to bring food up.
Please let us know if you are interested/not interested, and also please let any friends/acquaintances who might be interested know about our work party! Contact us for more details if needed!
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