Last Minute Accommodation Bookings Summer 2020

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Accommodation Policy

Our accommodations are dormitory style, so this year we can only accommodate single groups of people that do not need to physically distance (families, cohorts, pods). Therefore we will only be able to accept full lodge or private bookings.

This year we are offering these full lodge bookings at $75/person but with a lower minimum nightly cost of $350 ; i.e. 1-4 people at $350, 5-6 people at $75/person per night, 7 or more people at maximum $500 per night or multi-night stay discount of $450/night.

Catering is at usual rates per person.

Last Minute Bookings – No Minimum Nightly Charge

However, we also want to accommodate smaller groups of people. Therefore, we invite you to book the full lodge at the last minute (maximum 6 days ahead) for 2 or more people at regular rates of $75/person but with NO minimum nightly cost. Again, catering will be at usual rates per person.

We are taking bookings now – contact us soon at our website to retain your preferred date

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