Road directions from Radium:

Turn North towards Golden, drive 18.5km. Just after blue and white sign for Luxor Corrals, turn Right onto the Kindersley-Pinnacle Forest Service Road. Stay Left at 7.3km....This is the Pinnacle FSR, right is Kindersley FSR (Do not go past yellow Kindersley FSR sign). Stay Right at 8km. Stay Left at 8.5km. Stay Right at 9.1km. Stay Left at 10.9km, 12.1km, and 13km. Stay Right at 13.2km. Stay Left at 14.5km (Luxor Creek sign). Stay Right at 14.8km (Branch F sign). Stay Left at 17.1km, and 23.4km. Stay Right at 23.5km

Trailhead parking is located at 24km, just to right of concrete bridge. Road currently extends to 25km, but road is rough with sharp rocks. The road between 24km and 25km will be DEACTIVATED as of fall 2018.

(Road update August 11, 2018) Good condition with some rough sections. Watch for downed trees!