The lodge is set up as one common room, with kitchen and entryway in front, eating and common area in middle, and sleeping area in the back. There are 4 beds, with enough room for 8-10 people (depending on how tall everyone is!). Potable running cold water is available in the lodge, and a propane water heater provides hot water to the outdoor shower and for washing dishes. Power is supplied by a PV electrical system, with enough electricity for phone/camera chargers. There is a propane fridge and freezer for food storage, as well as coolers located under the counters where it stays nice and cool. The large propane range and oven can accommodate meals for large groups of people. A propane heater helps keep the lodge warm during the cooler summer nights and winters.

There is a caretaker present at the lodge nearly full-time during the summer season, and they are always in residence when we have guests staying with us. This way we can make sure the lodge is maintained and supervised during our busiest season, as well as making sure we can host our day guests.

Expansions and renovations are planned for the near future, check in with us to see our progress!